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We are a production creative powerhouse of norm breakers. Our expertise is community and experiential marketing. We are a creative powerhouse of experienced norm breakers with the background in arts & cultural projects. We focus on the production of unique concepts and innovative solutions for revitalisation of brands and their subsequent growth. We understand trends and millennial audiences, with whom we collaborate and for whom we design unforgettable and sharable moments. We utilize our experiences, contacts and acquired knowledge to develop customised and integrated strategies essential for our clients' brand development. We are always on the lookout for commercial and cultural projects, which keep us up at night and challenge us to be the best at what we do. INNOVATION HUNTERS BRAND WARRIORS MILLENNIAL GETTERS PASSION SEEKERS EMOTION INITIATORS NORM FIGHTERS AUDIENCE CREATORS KARMA BELIEVERS Click      on the Elements Tap      on the Elements to reveal more THE ELE MENT OUR PILLARS WHAT WE ARE DO HOW TO REACH US TAKE A BREAK